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Justin Kilbane

Justin Kilbane is a dedicated and experienced professional architect, home builder, and building development expert with proven expertise and demonstrated success throughout the last 16 years. As an architect, Justin has spent the better part of 15 years working to hone his skills, further his market knowledge and understanding, and successfully launch three separate companies, in addition to further developing his family’s company, Kilbane Architecture.

JK Companies

Entering the field of Architecture as an Intern at his father’s architectural business nearly twenty years ago, Justin has gone on to launch three architectural, building, and development companies of his own; JK Homes & Land, JK Construction & Development, and JK Architect. Currently, the three divisions operate under the conglomerate of JK Companies. As a new business endeavor, Justin has taken his nearly two decade’s worth of experience with Kilbane Architecture and set it to the beat of his own drum, as he looks to continue to offer cutting-edge and innovative luxury building services.

Specializing in custom homes, JK Companies work with clients to first buy and sell prospective luxury homes and properties, design new custom housing solutions with unsurpassed architectural design, and then build and develop the property from the ground up for a comprehensive and full-service solution.

Throughout Justin’s many new business endeavors with JK Companies, he has demonstrated a proven expertise in the design, construction, and sale of custom luxury homes throughout the state of Arizona, with a number of his most recent properties selling as multimillion-dollar homes. Moreover, his ability to connect with his clients on a deeper level exceeds any of his technical abilities.

A Dedicated Professional

Justin is as passionate and as dedicated as they come. Clients frequently point back to Justin’s personable and outgoing personality as what drew them to work with JK Companies to design their new luxury home. With a friendly, easy going persona, Justin is able to quickly connect with their clients by making them feel comfortable, even when the stakes are high. His unwavering focus and dedication towards providing extraordinary services for his clients is truly what sets him apart from the competition.

As a second generation custom home architect, Justin utilizes his training, his knowledge, and his experience to design fully functional homes with luxurious design elements, customized architectural features, and seamless style integration to ensure that his clients always receive a top-tier finished product. And in almost all cases, Justin and his clients continue to move on as friends after the final product is delivered.

Each and every day, Justin works to continue to develop JK Companies throughout all three of its divisions. Whether it’s prospecting new regions for development, working with clients on the purchase and sale of their new luxury property, or working to design one of Arizona’s most luxurious custom homes, Justin exhibits integrity and conviction throughout everything that he does, ultimately offering his clients an experience, not just a product.

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